Directory submission is submitting the websites link and headings of web pages on internet directories or web directories. A short description of the website with a lot of good and high quality keywords and headings is added so that good quality back links are generated. Quality submission of website links and titles are required for exceptional directories present on the internet.

There are a number of options available which are free as well as paid. The quality of these directories depends on the number of listings that a directory has. The main objective of directory submission is to get high quality back links and to promote it through the website.

Two Types of Directory Submissions

The links to the directories can be submitted in two ways:

  • Manually
  • Automatically

Both of the techniques are crucial for any specialist working for the link building and submission to directories. Manual submission is done when the link is submitted to lesser number of directories and the link needs to be submitted to a single type of directory. Automatic submission needs to be done when the link is to be submitted to directories over hundred in numbers and is done in a single click of the mouse.

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