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We wanted to offer a more specialized set of courses aimed squarely at people wanting to learn in-depth web design and development skills, so we set up The Web School – a place where you can gain all the skills you need to shine in the web design industry.

A great teacher is the most important part of any course. They need to be able to explain complex topics in a simple way, and to answer questions, even if they are off-topic! That’s why we consider our instructors to be amongst the best in the industry.

Our courseware and curriculum is continually being revised and developed to reflect current best practice, so you can be confident that you are learning up-to-date techniques, that are also marketable.

  • Web development basics including HTML, CSS, basic web development elements and introduction to PHP
  • Integration with MySQL databases and database manipulation and network programming.
  • Introduction to other necessary tools like JavaScript and AJAX.

Web Development Training


Live Web Development Training

Training Process






Become a Qualified and Skilled Web Developer

Web Development Level 1

Building Websites

Learn to write HTML and CSS, the languages that make the web. Learn how to do everything from editing code and optimising images to building your first website.

Web Development Level 2

CSS In-Depth

CSS is a powerful language with a great deal of depth. Go beyond fonts and colours, and into responsive page layouts, user interface design and more.

Web Development Level 3

Responsive Web Design

Learn advanced techniques for mobile and responsive design. Work with grid systems and frameworks such as Bootstrap. Optimise sites for multiple devices.